SRM modules for efficient digital procure and procure to pay processes.

The software family ComfortMarket is a modular purchasing solution with AI-optimized data. It is well established in the market and offers a professional basis for efficient processes in purchasing. Our claim for all modules is to provide “as much standard as possible – as much individualization as necessary”. We would be happy to accompany you on your path to digital transformation. We advise and train you and your employees with the same focus on quality and flexibility we have for our software.


Reaching the next level of innovative process optimization with AI.

Do you want to further optimize your procurement processes based on the latest AI insights? Through joint research with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI and the ongoing further development of the ComfortMarket software modules, we create process-optimizing and user-friendly solutions. This leads to a predictable future and protection of your investments.

Our Stand-alone modules

In combination with each other or as stand-alone solution.


CM Procure – a strong basis for purchasing 4.0

CM Procure is an ideal basis to digitize your procurement. Our software solution is field-proven and can be perfectly tailored to you. You save considerable process costs and valuable time with every purchasing transaction – independent of the industry. We will gladly provide you with concrete numbers in this regard.

  • Intuitive user interface

    All users receive a personal work interface that fits their roles and permissions. They can accomplish their tasks efficiently weather they register needs, approve requests, purchase goods, are controllers or suppliers. You define how your purchasing processes run without compromising user satisfaction. We are happy to share our more than 20 years of experience with you and demonstrate best practices.

  • Modular structure

    The modular structure of CM Procure adapts to your changing needs and requirements, guaranteeing your ease of mind during expansion and growth. For example, these can be interfaces to third-party systems, permissions and roles, or licenses. New and mobile processes can also be connected at any time.

  • Purchase from A to Z

    CM Procure offers the possibility to define group-wide standardized procurement processes for consumables, capital goods, services and many more and to implement them from the supplier index to the invoice approval.



CM Sourcing – The electronic supplier selection to achieve the best price.

Successful sourcing with CM Sourcing. The modules CM Tender, CM Auction and CM Sourcing provide you with a user-friendly solution for cost-effective and process-optimized procurement.


Resource Management

CM Resource – Increased efficiency in resource management.

CM Resource provides the optimal overview. Account assignment, capacity utilization and efficiency of a resource can be viewed with one click. Any type of resource can be targeted, be it a rental device, rooms, personnel, vehicle fleet or even electric charging stations. This is a pragmatic way to identify further potential for optimizing your process costs.


Catalog Management and Platform Connection

CM Catalog – The smart way of high-end catalog management.

From warehouses to multi-vendor catalogs like Amazon Business Integration. CM Catalog's catalog management capabilities are diverse, as an integral part of CM Procure or as a stand-alone solution. Complete catalog imports, comparisons, allocations, and item corrections, as well as data enrichment and data management, in the shortest possible time.


Contract Management

CM Contract – Process acceleration and transparency through contract management

As a component of contract management, CM Contract has the essential task of presenting structured information relevant to the contract. This means that you always have an overview of your contract objects, can define responsibilities and quality-assuring processes in contract management.

Our expansion modules

Increase the effectiveness of CM Procure


Forms simply designed

CM Designer – Design or update forms independently and efficiently.

With CM Designer you make changes to your forms independently or create your own forms for example for supplier evaluation or service purchasing. The high benefits here are flexibility in the process flow and just-in-time forms.


Quick Request for Quotation

CM Quick-RFQ – The quick tender.

With the CM Quick-RfQ module, you can flexibly handle price, quantity or availability queries and thus decide on the best supplier as quickly as possible. In addition, you already save time during the request process, as you can send articles, free text products and product lists to several suppliers at the same time with one selection click.


Corporate App

CM Mobile and App – Control processes mobile and at any time.

Our world is becoming more and more mobile, time is being saved and used efficiently. Therefore, we provide optimized workflows in supplier management, ordering, approval, and reporting with CM Mobile. Simply access statistics from the train, create an approval workflow at the airport or an incoming goods inspection outside on the construction site or from the home office. Web or native apps can also be provided for your company on request.


Supplier Management and Onboarding

CM Supplier Management – Build a high-quality supplier portfolio.

CM Supplier Management supports you in the application, selection, connection, integration, and evaluation of suppliers. This optimizes the relationship with your suppliers. This module complements CM Procure with various functions of an extended supplier management.


Integration and Reporting

CM Tuning – Maximum performance.

As with all systems, functional depth comes at the cost of quick and easy usability. Therefore, we have bundled functions that are not necessary for every customer, but can be very useful in individual cases, into one module. This also includes further system integrations. We will be happy to work with you to find out if this makes sense for you and if positive effects can be achieved, such as greater comfort in the procurement process.
With our in-house reporting, you have access to automated or manual reports as well as KPIs at any time. Make the right decisions, supported by valid numbers.


Invoice Processing

CM Invoicing – Electronic invoice processing with huge savings in cost and time.

According to a study by the European Commission, savings of 72% were identified when a company switched from traditional paper invoicing to electronic invoice processing. CM Invoicing receives your digital invoices for you, checks them automatically and passes them directly on to the accounting department. This significantly reduces the average cost per invoice. We would be happy to show you this with concrete numbers.