Successful sourcing with ComfortMarket

CM Tender 1.5 and CM Auction 1.5 are used as sourcing instruments as part of the procurement processes and provide you with the option of electronically supporting the choice of supplier (eSourcing), thereby comfortably achieving the optimal purchasing price for you.

Both tools are a sensible complement to ComfortMarket's eProcurement tool, but are, of course, also available on an individual basis. eSourcing and eProcurement together form the optimal basis for cost-effective and process-optimised procurement.


Our sourcing solutions

  • are systems developed by ePhilos itself and in use in a wide range of sectors
  • are based on standards, including - no further (or verly little) investment in hardware or software   - since ePhilos can, on request, assume operation and support    - are usable as a stand                  -alone solution
  • based on internet technology, access interface: Internet browsers
  • are database-supported tools for storing product data (object of sourcing), supplier master data, historical sourcing data; incl. data maintenance functions
  • can, at the client's request, be further developed from a functional perspective
  • can be used by users familiar with the internet by means of simple instruction
  • provide the user with a familiar system background thanks to integration in the existing internet/intranet environment
  • undergo permanent adjustment to reflect market conditions and requirements

A good references example is GEWOBA.