CM Reporting

With a quick, differentiated overview

Statistical evaluations are a key tool for each and every purchasor. Best of all anytime and anywhere.

Comfort Market offers a wide range of standard evaluations:

- Who has ordered what where and when, and all this at a level across persons, departments, branches and suppliers

What was approved or rejected when by whom. Who often uses free text or express orders.

Which products are their customers' favourite ones based on product rating.

What about the the suppliers' delivery reliability?

Implement processes for smartphones

Approval and reports handling on the go.

Check other options for mobile ordering process or ask for the goods receipt

If you have any questions about your evaluation requirements, please contact: 

Service ePhilos AG

System compatibility

Comfort Market (CM) possesses an internal, bidirectional interface, consisting of application-related objects with predefined data structure, which - by use of flexible mapping - can be adapted to the data structure of external systems (e.g. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Baan,  etc.) both quickly and cost-effectively.

By the predefinition of objects that can be expanded if necessary, CM exhibits a high degree of flexibility in terms of system integration with minimal effort.


This interface ensures a complete business integration of the procurement process.