Catalogue management

Multi-client capability

CM Procure has a wide range of management functions. Not only can internal catalogues be managed as single-supplier or multi-supplier catalogues but external catalogues can also be linked via the Open Catalogue Interface (OCI). (e.g. customer suppliers)

CM Procure supports not only various standard catalogue formats (e.g. BMEcat), but also proprietary supplier interfaces if required (e.g. csv-based). Various standards in the area of product classification are also possible (e.g. eCl@ss as well as customer proprietary classifications). The transaction data in supplier communication is based on the XML markup language which is also available in several different versions (e.g. Opentrans, SAP-XML).

Catalogue content access is done via roles and rights, which also allow suppliers the option of catalogue maintenance, if required. Technical processing takes place using a catalogue management area interposed before the production system (staging system). By this means, direct access to the production system is prevented and the possibility of workflow-supported catalogue processing ensured. 

As a matter of principle, the selection of the correct catalogue management strategy is an integral component of an eProcurement Project. The flexibility provided by CM Procure ensures that your requirements are exactly met.

Multi-client capability

CM Procure provides the possibility of a comprehensive market place functionality/multi-client capability. It is possible for subsidiary companies, different units or branches to put together their own tailor-made market place from the entire linked supplier portfolio themselves (or have it done for them) - in the design specified by the user in each case, of course.

The catalogs, product or service rates may be identical or - if desired - vary by client.

A view and role assignment is given.


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Amazon Business marketplace - simply connect like an "catalog"

Can't find an article amongst your chosen suppliers? Then Amazon offers the easy way out. In order to shop with Amazon using your own rules, an Amazon Business account is required and the integration through the corresponding interface in CM Procure.

Through the interface you have access to over 100 million articles from Amazon suppliers and control over material groups, delivery addresses, creditors, cost centers and auditing. Simply according to your purchasing guidelines and processes.

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