eProcurement - CM Procure 5.0

CM Procure is the basis for an eBusiness procurement solution (eProcurement) customised to individual requirements

The comfort market eProcurement solution is today used, among others, by industrial and commercial enterprises, financial service companies and auditors, businesses involved in harbour development, planning and maintenance, media groups, scientific institutions as well as cities, municipalities and the healthcare sector. This solution meets the highest requirements of usability, system integration (e.g. interfacing to SAP or other ERP systems), data protection as well as future security.  

Growth and benefits of the purchase solution CM Procure 5.0

CM Procure is independent of industry and company size. Based on standards, customers receive highly flexible customizable software.

From the demand monitor to the approver, purchaser, controller, and supplier, all receive a personal work interface to efficiently perform the tasks.  

Why our customers rely on CM Procure 5.0

  • can after launching, on request, be handled by "system purveyors"
  • can be used as a stand-alone solution
  • can be used instead of SAP-EPB or to complement it (e.g. as a GUI)
  • can, on the client's request, undergo further development from a functional perspective
  • can be used by those familiar with the internet without any lengthy training
  • has a user-friendly design from an ergonomic perspective
  • provides the user with a familiar system background thanks to integration
  • internet/intranet environment
  • undergoes permanent adjustment to reflect market conditions and requirements
  • offers mobile solutions in respect of produrement and, e.g., statistics
  • has a comprehensive multi-client capability
  • can also be used as a solution for a collective procurement platform

We would be delighted to send you, on request, a product sheet on the current CM Procure 5.0 release: to contact form