Haspa AG

Volker Widdra
entral Purchasing Area Director | Hamburger Sparkasse AG

"The qualitively high-value ComfortMarket eProcurement software has proved itself to our complete satisfaction thanks to the flexible combination of standards and individuality in our company for many years."



Dr. Johannes Schuchlenz
Area Director of Material Procurement | STRABAG SE

"Given the complexity of our demands to realize the eProcurement Toolbox with catalogue, enquiry and auction on a short-term basis according to our ideas, the decision in favour of our partner ePhilos has proved to be the correct one on a daily basis since the beginning of the joint project in November 2006.

We appreciate the technical and social expertise, professionalism, the speed of realisation of our jointly developed ideas / demands and the "thinking in solutions" approach in our business relationship.

An optimal win-win situation from our perspective."

bofrost* Dienstleistungs GmbH & Co. KG

Herr Thomas Borkowski,
Projektleiter Prozess- und Projektmanagement | bofrost* Dienstleistungs GmbH & Co. KG

"By using the eSRM solution from ePhilos AG we were able to considerably simplify the process of C-items procurement at bofrost*.

In this way we established strategic purchasing, minimized maverick buying and were able to significantly reduce purchasing costs.

Despite of standard software ePhilos make a big difference to industry-standard solutions because they offer a high degree of flexibility. Together we have made adjustments for our house and established best practices.
Particularly noteworthy are the direct service and immediate support.
Thank you for the professional and competent support."

Nordsee GmbH

Michael Beckmannshagen,
IT Director | NORDSEE GmbH:

"ePhilos excels in individual solutions based on their standard products. Their flexibility, technical expertise and a strong service mentality have convinced us that ePhilos is our partner in the field of eProcurement."

Werder Bremen

Herr Sebastian Janzen,
Leiter Einkauf | SV Werder Bremen

„Thanks the e-procurement solution, we saved after a short time already equivalent value of a player."

Quote from the press release "Erst Fan, jetzt Teil der Werder-Familie", BIP 1 2017, 8. Jahrgang

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Goldbeck GmbH

Herr Lars Vogt
Einkauf | GOLDBECK Bauelemente Bielefeld SE

„Die Aufgabe, unsere zentral verhandelten Konditionen für indirekte Güter konzernweit an unsere Geschäftsbereiche weiterzugeben, wird mit dem ComfortMarket ideal erfüllt. Die äußerst präzise und durchsichtige Budgetierung sowie die schnelle und unkomplizierte Umsetzung des Projekts, haben uns nachhaltig beeindruckt.

Nicht zuletzt der hervorragende Support als auch die zukunftssichernde Weiterentwicklungen der Lösung, machen ePhilos zu einem starken Partner im eProcurement für die Firma GOLDBECK.“

Dodenhof Posthausen KG

Ute Jahns,
PMO Informationsmanagement | dodenhof Posthausen KG


Goal: Individual design of forms for purchasing on the procurement platform CM Procure 4.5

"The form designer training was great, entertaining and intense. Immediately after completing the training, I had a fully functional form for our new request and authorization concept for IT orders in hand.

Even after the training, I was able to implement other forms quickly and easily for our requirements without any programming knowledge. The article form for our service providers facilitates the process from order to service entry. Our house already uses the forms-based business cards.

Due to the internal implementation of e.g. user authorization and IT request forms we at dodenhof already saved a lot of money, which can now be used for custom functional enhancements in CM Procure 4.5. Here we have the expansion of the shopping platform with a fleet management (resource management) in mind."

Nehlsen GmbH & Co. KG

Mrs Denise Möbs | Purchase

"The introduction of CM Procure as a procurement platform has significantly contributed to the optimization of ordering processes and approval processes.

Starting off with C-items we are now extending the solution to complex order processes such as Containers and vehicles on an article basis and can also independently drive further developments in the system."

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Magistrat Seestadt Bremerhaven

Herr Hans Georg Tober
Personalamt 11/1 | Magistrat der Seestadt Bremerhaven

"Der Magistrat ist die Verwaltungsbehörde der Stadt Bremerhaven. Durch die gemeinsame Entwicklung und Realisierung der eProcurementlösung ComfortMarket von ePhilos AG zur stadtweiten Nutzung (z.B. Stadtverwaltung, Schulen, Polizei, Gartenbauamt, Eigen- und Wirtschaftsbetriebe etc.) konnte diese, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von verwaltungsrechtlichen Aspekten,in einem recht kurzen Zeitraum umgesetzt werden.

Durch ComfortMarket ist es uns zudem gelungen, die Beschaffungsprozesse zu optimieren und ein hohes Maß an Akzeptanz bei den Kolleginnen und Kollegen zu erreichen.

Die guten, schnellen und unkomplizierten Kommunikationswege und Hilfestellungen führen zudem zu einer sehr positiven Entwicklung und vereinfachen damit den gestellten Anforderungen der Kolleginnen und Kollegen schnell gerecht zu werden."

BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Marie-Louise Zimmer,
Head of Central Purchasing  | BDO AG

"For BDO, it's the values of continuity, reliability, passsion and independence, which make for a professional partner for the success of our company. Because top performance comes from the interaction of expertise and enthusiasm for the matter. This is our experience with our eProcurement partner ePhilos AG. The launch of the solution is a success for all those involved."

Employees: approx. 1,900


Record for CM Procure 4.5

Excellent throughput time in purchasing with a new record  for CM Procure 4.5 was the ePhilos customers attests to date.

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As part of a change in leadership the new head of central services of a large, renowned auditing company commissioned an outside consultant to put all procurement processes including Comfort Market to the test. Result: an excellent lead time in procurement with a new record was attested. Should you be interested further Mr. King is available for you.