April 2018
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KI Search goes live

The company saves time and the employees are satisfied.

For purchasing  as an AI search for CM Procure

For sales as aiPhilos API for online shops

For OnlineSales as aiPhilos plugin for Shopware


Success with search functions that find exactly the right thing.

Discover the first and only search with semantic language comprehension called aiPhilos.


Install the free freemium product now

and test it for a quarter.

APRIL 2018
News: ePhilos AG

Record participation on the BME e-solution days in Düsseldorf

Expert buyers and procurement experts discussed innovations in eSourcing and eProcurement with a view to the digital transformation of supply chain management

The BME solution days in Dusseldorf are over. The exhibition reached record numbers this year. This great interest in procurement software strengthens our actions and motivates us to continue acting as a pioneer in the market.

We like to quote: "The Internet of Things is changing the supply chain in a sustainable way, and in addition to the automation of business processes, it is above all about new operating models," emphasized Dr. Silvius Grobosch, Managing Director of the Federal Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME), in his opening speech on Tuesday in Düsseldorf. The focus is on smart, intelligent and end-to-end integrated processes that empower supply chain managers to leverage market opportunities and manage risk - new electronic applications, the growing interconnectedness of all links The supply chain and the use of artificial intelligence not only made a significant increase in efficiency possible but also completely new forms of cooperation between man and machine Grobosch: "Properly applied and exploited e-solutions lead to considerably more efficient operating models in purchasing, logistics and supply chain management. "

Source: https://www.bme.de/digitale-transforma-des-supply-chain-managements-forcieren-2466/

ePhilos will answer your questions after the fair. Reflect your requirements with current standards and individual extensions. In a personal conversation, you can calmly discuss your trade fair experience with us and define the optimal way for yourself in the sense of best-practice.

Numerous additional ePhilos options will ensure rapid success in implementing a company-specific eProcurement strategy for indirect goods and services. An investment in the future, which will amortize within a short time.

Make an appointment now: +49 421 2024620

News: ePhilos AG

Global market leader relies on ePhilos

Klasmann-Deilmann is the leading corporate group in the international substrate industry, with sales and production companies in Europe, Asia and America.

Klasmann-Deilmann’s high quality standards are a key factor in our company’s success. We undergo certification so that we can continuously improve. With our sights on sustainability, we integrate economy, ecology and social action in a holistic strategy.

The Klasmann-Deilmann Group’s year-end balance sheet total was EUR 186,6 million with employee headcount of 938. (facts: 2016)

Competencies: substrates, potting soils, raw materials, renewable energy
Source: Klasman-Deilmann.com 

News: ePhilos AG

2. ePhilos User Group Meeting 2017

On November 14, 2017, our customers' purchasing experts met for the second time this year to exchange experiences.

During the users group meeting the focus was on particularities of process customization as well as the general exchange of experience in eProcurement. For example, companies presented differentiated areas of application and modified forms far away from traditional purchasing.

Moderated by ePhilos our customers placed special attention on the following topics:

  1. Experience reports using the intelligent, self-learning search in purchasing
  2. Utilization optimization through the resource module, using the example vehicle pool
  3. Amazon Business Integration
  4. Service and form-based purchasing self-designed
  5. Goods withdrawal by smartphone (App)
  6. Handling service charges
  7. Multiple account assignment

We thank all participants for the interesting questions, contributions and practical examples.

APRIL 2017
News: ePhilos AG

Integrated resource management

Efficiency increase in eProcurement through resource management

Controlling can quickly see account assignment, ultilization and efficiency of a recource.


The limits of pure catalog-based procurement have long been passed. The integration of marketplaces as punch-out catalogs into an eProcurement solution is part of the networked purchasing standard. Thus, it is no surprise to strategic buyers that issues such as resource management play an increasingly important role alongside requirements for service procurement and supplier integration.

From procurement, "objects" may arise, in particular from investment into assets, that can serve the company as a resource. Depending on the given user-, role­ and privilege- system of the purchasing portal, the resources are available for use to an extended user group.

The documents, forms and the integrated message system, which are attached to the resources, fit seamlessly into the processes. Controlling  can quickly see account assignment, utilization and efficiency of a resource.

Here it does not matter which type of resource is addressed. The application in areas such as rental equipment, rooms, personnel, vehicle fleet or also electrical charging stations show practical solutions in process optimization.

MARCH 2017
News: ePhilos AG

ePhilos User Group Meeting 2017

Düsseldorf, on March 15th 2017, the eProcurement and eSourcing experts of our customers come to Düsseldorf for an exchange of experience.

At the same time as the BME e-Solutions days, the users of the Comfort Market purchasing and procurement Software discuss the strategies for the future.

Next to the Exchange of experience in process individualization, networking between departments (purchasing 4.0) and also little things like the integration of e. g. Amazon Business are at the center of focus. News from various module areas  such as subcontractor management, service provision and resource management flank the Event.

The main topics of this year's user meeting are

  • Intelligent, self-learning search
  • Savings potential SAP licenses
  • Self-designed form-based purchasing
  • Handling empties
  • Insight into resource management

What is the benefit of a CM Procure user? 

There is an interesting contribution from the BME in Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einthe issue of BIP 1-2017  


* Only customers have access to the event.
This year prospective customers may  
book a personal conversation on the sidelines of the Meeting.

News: ePhilos AG

ePhilos welcomes JOHANN BUNTE as its first new customer in 2017

BUNTE is amongst the leading German construction companies.

Over the past 145 years the company has developed from a small Transport Company to a global general Provider for construction services.

Fascinating future projects such as the deep water port JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven, the twin locks in Münster, the construction of the new Baltic Sea motorway between Lübeck and Stettin, the construction of the ship lift Niederfinow in Brandenburg, the establishment of the EMS barrier in Gandersum (Lower Saxony), the development and realization of the Gürzenich neighbourhood in Cologne and the privately funded expansion of highways, federal and state roads are impressive examples of their activities.

Today, over 1,500 committed and highly qualified employees work for  the company. And after forays to various marketplaces can now look forward to their own demand-driven eProcurement solution CM procure 4.5. are happy."

Project information available on request!

Project informations available on request.

Customer: www.johann-bunte.de

News: ePhilos AG

Role of Purchasing in the Implementation of Industry 4.0

Recommendable publication by Fraunhofer IML 10/2016 on digital purchasing.

The digital transformation is finding its way into purchasing strategies.

With the fourth industrial revolution, purchasing is given an unique opportunity to meet the demand for its strategic role.

ePhilos is accelerating the development of the procurement solution and its processes with regard to vertical and horizontal networking of all stakeholders. The combination of standardization and individuality creates room for core tasks in purchasing.

Learn more about the fields of action for the development of industry 4.0 in purchasing and the three major challenges of purchasing.

Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einPublication for download


Quelle: www.allaboutsourcing.de
Beschaffungsprozess Ausgabe 10/2016

News: ePhilos AG

Individually design forms for purchasing

Ute Jahns, PMO Informationsmanage- ment of dodenhof Posthausen KG: „The training for the form designer was excellent, entertaining and intensive."

Immediately upon completion of the course, I had a fully functional form for our new request and authorization concept for IT orders in hand.

Even after the training I could implement forms for our requirements quickly and easily without any programming knowledge. The article form for our service providers facilitates the process from ordering to activity recording. Our house already uses form-based business cards.

Through the internal implementation of e.g. user authorization - and IT request forms at dodenhof we were already able to save a lot of money, which can now be used for individual functional enhancements in CM Procure 4.5. Here we have an extension of the procurement platform for fleet management (resource management) in mind."

JULY 2016
News: ePhilos AG

Record for CM Procure 4.5

Put to the test with excellent results.

Excellent throughput time in purchasing with a new record for CM Procure 4.5 was the ePhilos customers attests to date. 

Enquire for details

As part of a change in leadership the new head of central services of a large, renowned auditing company commissioned an outside consultant to put all procurement processes including Comfort Market to the test. Result: an excellent lead time in procurement with a new record was attested.

Should you be interested further Mr. King is available for you.

JUNE 2016
News: ePhilos AG

Go on holiday as a relaxed buyer with Comfort Market

The holiday season has begun and holiday replacements are common.

Purchasing 4.0 - integrated processes in the procurement of c-items and services.

Holiday season: how good that there are processes in the company, ensuring the smooth functioning of procurement. Does this also apply to your purchasing of consumables and services?

With CM Procure 4.5 of ePhilos tendering and purchasing succeed easily. Based on processes standardized for your company you can purchase comfortably - any time, any place. From product search through ordering and goods receipt your consumers handle all operations independently with ease. Which approval processes are run and which budgets and cost centers are taken into account, corresponds to your company specifications.

Whether in the office, on the construction site or from your holiday home, you always have the full ability to act, can manage suppliers, update catalogs, review articles, generate price requests and reports for management. If you wish for complete tranquility, simply delegate approvals and tasks. Thanks to the internet you have a relaxed view on all appointments, tasks and costs at anytime.

No "holiday purchase" remains unseen. The comprehensive statistics and evaluation functions allow a day-accurate controlling of all data movements (cost centers, general ledger accounts, budgets, locations, teams, merchandise groups, articles, suppliers, etc.).

It becomes even more relaxing, when your suppliers upload catalogs and bills themselves and all you have to do after checking this is to authorize the release.

Within the framework of online meetings you can acquire a quick overview of areas of use as well as a cost-benefit ratio of the procurement solutionMake an appointment about

We sincerely invite you to personally ask for more information about the full business integration of the procurement processContact

In this sense, have a great holiday.

Knew how! Enhance forms in shopping itself

The Fomulardesigner is released

Qualified training for users with their own practice cases Öffnet internen Link in neuem FensterTraining Schedule

For example: View Supplier Application Form: GEWOBA

Webinar (2h) for catalog upload and management (staging) - easygoing.

Optimization in Purchase Requisition Process

Consistent ordering processes between SAP and CMProcure 4.5 perfecting purchasing procedures

  • SAP Master Data
  • Commitment creation
  • Workflow Processes
  • SAP transaction data

for a qualified requisition in the system.

MAY 2016
News: ePhilos AG

Found: "ePhilos shopping street"

Recently photographed by our staff in Essen: The "ePhilos shopping street".

Store after store our customers are lined up: Nordsee, Thalia and Douglas.
All rely on the complex and individualized eProcurementsystem from the Comfort Market family

APRIL 2016
News: ePhilos AG

User Group Meeting 2016

On May 31st 2016, ePhilos once again invite customers to its popular user group meeting*.

BLG LOGISTICS Group could be won as this year’s host, who as a long-standing customer and participant of user group meetings possess extensive experience in working with ePhilos. ePhilos and the invited guests already now say thanks.

The topics of the user group meeting are:

  • Intelligent, self-learning search when shopping
  • Procurement standards as a basis for individualization
  • News regarding SAP connectivity
  • Updates to services and project procurement
  • Functions "nice to have" and yet indispensable

The exchange of experiences between individual users at the round table, results in the definition of requirements for the next generation of the Comfort Market family. Our clients actively influence development modules for their mutual benefit.


*Only customers have access to the event.

MARCH 2016
News: ePhilos AG

BME-eLösungstage 2016

On March 8 and 9 the doors will open once again in Düsseldorf for professional buyers and sourcing experts.

Numerous exhibitors present their offerings for eSourcing and eProcurement during the BME eLösungstagen. 

ePhilos welcomes the extensive offer on the eLösungstagen, however, will be not represented this year as an exhibitor.

The extensive module and functional enhancements to the procurement and tendering platform including the forthcoming integration of intelligent search functionality require our full attention this year.

ePhilos will be more than happy to introduce itself and its services to you in a personal conversation after the fair. This way you can discuss your personal experiences during the fair with us in a relaxed setting and take a closer look at the numerous additional ePhilos options.

Call now to arrange an appointment: +49 421 2024620

News: DFKI GmbH

Order with artificial intelligence comfortable online

The Center for Cyber-Physical Systems at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) developed in collaboration with the Bremen ePhilos AG.

The Center for Cyber-Physical Systems at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) developed in collaboration with the Bremen ePhilos AG to the principles of artificial intelligence following search engine for electronic procurement systems.

The research project is funded by the Bremen Economic Development (WFB).

The online shopping is becoming more and more popular. He is considered fast, easy and convenient - but the search for the desired product can sometimes prove to be quite a chore: Department are often inconclusive or searches hundreds deliver results that can be narrowed down only gradually and cumbersome.

Even companies handle their purchasing processes increasingly dependent on electronic catalogs or tailed online stores. For this they use so-called eProcurementsysteme, optimize operational order processes such as by the use of purchasing advantages, automation and process time reduction. Employees order the required material internally, purchasing, or automated workflow system are the order subsequent to the pre-established suppliers on.

Like classical online stores also encounter eProcurementsysteme in the product to their limits. Especially in specialty areas, users and users often do not know the exact or the colloquial name of the desired article: the requirements for post-it's, for example, "yellow sticky notes" loud that the stapler "at"; the "red pen" has either a red envelope or writes with red paint, the "broad and stable folder" can 4 cm or 7 cm width of the back with extra tear-resistant backing have - with such common, but imprecise queries, conventional systems usually overwhelmed. As a result, the system users are dissatisfied and also wasting time that could be used to create value for their business.

The Center for Cyber-Physical Systems is working with the ePhilos AG - a leading provider of eProcurement - of innovative methods can be uniquely mapped to the desired product by too imprecise or original queries. The project partners are both on natural language processing techniques as well as on the learning process and knowledge databases. In addition to interactions, for example, questions to narrow down the selection of product results further. Perspective thus creating a system that allows users and users can find the desired product quickly and easily including through short dialogues; namely the need for tedious without work through a catalog or long lists of results. Thus eProcurement is exactly that what it features: effective process cost savings through sustainable benefits for all parties involved.



Dr. Robert Wille
DFKI GmbH | Cyber-Physical Systems
E-Mail: robert.wille@dfki.de
Tel.: +49 421 218 63947

Press contact

DFKI Bremen | Team Corporate Communications
E-Mail: uk-hb@dfki.de
Tel.: +49 421 178 45 4180

Supported project by Europäischen Fond für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE).

News: ePhilos AG

ePhilos welcomes Nehlsen as its first new customer in 2016

For more than 90 years - always one step ahead.

Since 1923 Nehlsen GmbH & Co. KG stands for reliable, efficient and customer-oriented services in the areas of recycling, disposal and cleaning.

A cooperation at eye level with customers, employees and partners always forms the basis of their conduct. As a family with Hanseatic roots it is their aspiration to create individual and sustainable solutions for humans and the environment and thus ensure a liveable future. Thus Nehlsen is always one step ahead within the industry for its customers.

More than 2,000 employees are on duty at 60 locations in Europe and Africa and with their knowledge and energy lend Nehlsen a face on a daily basis.

Nehlsen's work has always gone hand in hand with a strong sense for social responsibility. Thus with innovative disposal concepts and recycling methods they make an active contribution to a sustainable environment and climate protection. Moreover Nehlsen initiates and promotes numerous social, environmental and sports projects.

Find out more at: www.nehlsen.com