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Artificial intelligence
The self-learning, voice-controlled search

Supplier Relation Management (SRM)

Alongside the opening up of new markets, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to successfully conduct projects designed to cut costs, improve business processes and raise efficiency.

In this respect, solutions in the SRM area and e-procurement - at a professional level - offer good possibilities to achieve better purchasing conditions as well as improvements in the internal processes and reduction of process costs in connection with suppliers and service providers. 


The ePhilosophy

The modular design principle: With our philosophy at ePhilos, individualisation is the selection from an extremely extensive modular design system according to the client's requirements. This approach ensures that the SRM solution can meet the requirements of clients both today and in the future.

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Purchasing Processes + Data optimization on the basis of artificial intelligence

Role of Purchasing in the Implementation of Industry 4.0

Recommendable publication by Fraunhofer IML 10/2016 on digital purchasing.

The digital transformation is finding its way into purchasing strategies. With the fourth industrial revolution, purchasing is given an unique opportunity to meet the demand for its strategic role.

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Global market leader relies on ePhilos
Klasmann-Deilmann is the leading corporate group in the international substrate industry, with sales and production companies in Europe, Asia and America.

Customer opinion

STRABAG ePhilos eProcurement Referenz
Strabag SE
Dr. Johannes Schuchlenz
Area Director of Material Procurement
"Given the complexity of our demands to realize the eProcurement Toolbox with catalogue, enquiry and auction on a short-term basis according to our ideas, the decision in favour of our partner ePhilos has proved to be the correct one on a daily basis since the beginning of the joint project in November 2006. We appreciate the technical and...