ePhilos AG was founded in 1999 as a spin-off from BCI Business Communications International GmbH, who were bought up in 2000 by an IT group after a successful development.  

Since being founded, ePhilos AG has enjoyed a permanent and solid growth. Its team consisting of computer scientists, engineers, businessmen and social scientists work on innovative solutions and provide consultancy on an individual Basis.

Performance profile

ePhilos' core area of expertise lies in eBusiness solutions as well as their technical and organisational connection to their clients' operating procedures. In this, they pursue a consulting-oriented approach, focusing not on the introduction of a technology, but on the business or organisational dimension of the technology to be introduced.

Using an objectively conducted analysis, we will be happy to show you whether, how and when the implementation of a technology will pay off for your company. The feasability studies or the technical and functional specifications we produce can serve as a basis for the implementation of technology projects with other software partners.

As a result of long-standing experience in the field of organisational development, ePhilos AG provides in ComfortMarket a web-based SRM solution spectrum that has proven its quality.  ePhilos implements the process-optimised software solutions together with the client. By this means, the necessary know-how is developed on the client's premises for the further operations of the solutions. This method constantly enables new experiences to be gathered over the years in various sectors.