Development of the ComfortMarket eBusiness solutions

In the last few years, ePhilos AG has developed a series of intelligent eBusiness solutions based on ComfortMarket. As necessary, these are individually adapted from a technical, ergonomic perspective to the organisational and marketing-strategic requirements of the client. And this with a fair price-performance ratio.

You always decide on the degree of autonomy:

  • purchasing/renting the licence, SaaS
  • your own hosting on your premises or hosting/housing at one of our partners
  • your own catalogue maintenance or catalogue maintenance by us
  • Service contract or commissioned work

    You will benefit from the support of our team with its long-standing experience and special profiles. By this means, an optimal client service is ensured - from the first contact, via implementation through to live production. Cooperation based on trust is our philosophy.

    Operation and support

    Following successful realisation, ePhilos will either, at the client's request, operate his solution on our own hardware in a secure environment, or alternatively, install the turnkey solution at the the client's premises or at a provider of his choice. In addition, ePhilos offers the client a customised support.

    Operation alternatives:

    1. ePhilos virtual server
    2. hosting on a dedicated ePhilos server
    3. housing: direct use of a client's dedicated server at an ePhilos provider
    4. operation of the procurement solution on the client's or the client's provider's premises

    System service includes user support, remedying application errors, patches, general system maintenance and service, catalogue management, catalogue integration and updates as well as a wide-ranging 24-hour service extending beyond this.
    Alternatively, instead of a service and maintenance contract, any work necessary can be carried on a commission basis at the relevant applicable daily rate.


    At ePhilos quality and development are at the center of our attention. And not only software development but also the development of partnerships. Therefore we recommend a day of training for admins and key users.

    Form Designer - Certification course

    CM Procure 5.0 module training for the Form Designer - basic 2 days

    CM Procure 5.0 module training for the Form Designer - advanced 3 days

    Request training contents material

    Form Designer - Refresh-course

    CM Procure 5.0 modul training Form Designer – refresh 1 day

    On practical examples contents are repeated and discussed individual questions.

    WebEx Catalogupload und -management

    Easy uploud from Suppliercatalog | Staging Modul

    Conect to Lyreco, Mercateo and AmazonBusiness.

    Ask for next sessions:
    +49 421 2024620

    Certificate CM Procure Form Designer

    Design purchasing forms.  

    Types of training

    Generally CM is structured in a user-friendly and self-explanatory way, so that training for consumers does not necessarily have to take place. We recommend a day of training for admins or key users.


    On request ePhilos offers three types of training:

    • Training for multipliers (Train the Trainer)

    • Training of system administrators / key users

    • Training for users in procurement departments and purchasers


    Training for multipliers:

    For the multipliers of customers training takes place shortly before the production start of the system. The general operation of the CM family of products and the introduction to the relevant functions are part of the training for multipliers. The exercises relate to procurement, tender and auction processes in a practical way.

    The objective: as part of in-house training multipliers can perform the training of employees, who are to be involved in future, by themselves, further reducing costs.

    As prerequisite participants of the training should posses basic knowledge of PC operation under Windows including basic knowledge of MS Office.


    Administrators / key user training: Some administrative tasks can be performed quicker and at less expense by a customer's own employees on premises. A defined administrative agent of the customer should be the central contact for all questions that arise during maintenance and operation including user support. In order for administrators of the customer to be able to fulfill the requirements an individual training will be arranged. This training may ensure the support of on premises system maintenance work, e.g. updates of the CM family of products, support packages etc., as well as the setup and modification of user privileges.


    Training concept for the users from the various operational units:

    For these users the contractor will create a training concept as an optional service. In doing so the respective level of knowledge of participants is taken into account. The training is conducted as in-house training. Prerequisite is that the customer can make the infrastructure necessary for training available.

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