Artificial intelligence developed further consistently

The ComfortMarket-Family is gaining another member: the first intelligent, speech comprehending, self learning article search – exclusive to ePhilos.

During the development of  aiPhilos we have specialized ourselves on the search within product databases. The aim of research and development was to “understand the user” and to find and display the right product particularly quickly based on the query.

By speaking in his “natural language” or entry through a keyboard the user should be able to phrase his query and the search engine should then find exactly the desired article or articles.
aiPhilos does exactly that:
“understand the user”.

The superior technology of aiPhilos unites artificial intelligence with scientifically researched semantic analysis, coupled with a very reliable voice recognition and extensive, continually self learning knowledge databases.
With this unique combination aiPhilos recognizes what a user seeks. The intelligent search engine can be integrated into the modules of ComfortMarket as an extension, or as an independent on-site search in your existing eCommerce shop.

We are glad to inform you about the extensive possibilities of aiphilos...

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